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Physlink | Physicists Create Artificial Molecule On A Chip

The artificial molecule- qubit was coupling to a microwave photon, sharing energy in much the same way electrons are shared when two atoms combine to form a molecule.


PhysOrg | Spinach May Soon Power Mobile Devices

About a year back, I was discussing with my friend that artificial photosynthesis might be a good eco-friendly way to generate energy. This article talks about, for the first time, MIT researchers have incorporated a plant’s ability to convert sunlight to energy into a solid-state electronic �spinach sandwich� device that may one day power laptops and cell phones.


Guardian | Space probes feel cosmic tug of bizarre forces

As the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes head towards distant stars, scientists have discovered that the craft – launched more than 30 years ago – appear to be in the grip of a mysterious force that is holding them back as they sweep out of the solar system.


BBC News | Solar plan for Indian computers

Uttar Pradesh has drawn up a pilot project to use solar power to run computers in village schools. Have they thought of using bio-fuels (including bio-gas) get more power for a fraction of the cost?


CNet | Dresden plant powers AMD surge

A sprawling computer chip factory near the war-scarred German city of Dresden is forcing a shift in momentum in the battle between two U.S. technology superpowers.

Advanced Micro Devices’ $2.5 billion plant houses a collection of high-tech manufacturing tools and automation processes that industry experts say rivals or beats those of the company’s much larger archenemy, Intel.

I am of course writing this on an eMachines laptop powered by the AMD Athlon 3200+ CPU :)


Wired | Slide Rule Still Rules

This article I am dedicating to my father. He had loaned me his slide rule for a class at school and of course I lost it. I did the same to his first calculator as well. They would have been rare antiques or family heirlooms if I had kept them well.

0 | Maths to bring e-commerce to its knees

e-commerce is dependent on encryption technologies for secure online transactions. and encryption is heavily dependent on the mathematics of prime numbers. This article is about a mathematician who has proposed a theory of prime numbers which may have a profound impact on secure ecommerce systems.


World’s largest aircraft to help India

The Indian Railways is looking to the AN-124 for a ‘large’ problem at hand.


Wired 12.09 | Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom

Wired has this interesting insight in how China plans solve its energy needs using a rediscovered innovative reactor design. The bonus is that it could jumpstart China into the hydrogen economy.


Wired 12.09 | Mr. Craigslist, Master of the Nerdiverse

It started as a free email list that tracked art events, job listings, and apartment rentals in San Francisco. Nine years later, craigslist serves 45 cities and has 5 million visitors a month. Wired has a nice interview of its founder – Craig Newmark

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