Folksonomy with | Mini Howto

I use to attach tags to any interesting websites I come across.
I can be on a webpage and using a linkback tool, find out what everyone has to say (descriptions + tags) about the page.

Update: quirkyalone pointed out that the server restricts the linkbacks to only the last 30 references. Thanks for the feedback.

Then I can add my own tags and put it in my bookmark list. And it has made it really easy to query it.

You can see all my bookmarked sites at

Now if I want to see all my bookmarks with the ‘blog’ tag I simply do this:

I can do multiple tag searching as well:

If I want to see everyone’s bookmarks with the ‘blog’ tag I do this:

The other cool things possible are
1. subscribing to the tag(s) results as RSS feeds.
2. subscribing to any tag by anyone/everyone