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The great WordPress migration -II


I have outgrown the capabilities of my current blogging system so I am in the process of migrating this blog from Blogger to WordPress.

If the migration goes successfully, you will see a major site redesign, a more user-friendly interface and better organisation of posts.

This process may take several days and please let me know if you get any broken links during or after the migration.


UPDATE (July 17): Content migration is complete.

UPDATE (July 17): Commenting system currently down as I try to configure the SecureImage comment-spam protection system.

UPDATE (July 18): Commenting system is now online and using HashCash comment-spam protection.

UPDATE (July 18): Resolved issues with display of hyperlinks in archived posts. Thanks to Viz for pointing out the bug.

The great WordPress migration-I


I am currently migrating my 3 year old blog to WordPress. The previous Blogger based blog is still available here [].
I am using the ‘Andy Skelton’s Modified Blogger Importing Tool‘ for the migration.


Deviceforge | Electronic paper maintains images without power

Will this be low-cost enough to be used for low-cost computer displays?

Fujitsu has developed a new electronic paper technology that can hold vibrant color images without electricity. The thin, flexible paper is more vivid than an LCD, requires only small amounts of electricity to update, and could be commercialized as soon as 2007, Fujitsu says.


BBC NEWS | Technologies ‘to aid the poor’

The best way to help developing nations is to recognise that development is “of the people, by the people and for the people”, says a Bangladeshi entrepreneur.

Iqbal Quadir, Grameen Phone founder in Bangladesh, told experts gathered for TED Global in Oxford that aid strategies for the last 60 years had failed.

Technologies such as mobiles empowered people because they connected them. This, he said, fuelled productivity much more than the top-down aid approach.

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