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BBC NEWS | Fungi ‘new tool’ against malaria


BBC NEWS | Fungi ‘new tool’ against malaria

New studies show that a specific type of fungus native to East Africa can infect mosquitoes and reduce their lifespan by two-thirds – to just seven days.

Scientific American | Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects


Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects

Does graphite show potential as a semiconductor material? Super-thin single atom thick graphite sheets called graphene are being studied by researchers at University of Manchester.

Experiments on graphene have revealed some strange phenomena, as detailed in two papers in today’s Nature. The two-dimensional material remains capable of conducting electricity thanks to the free-floating electron in the honeycomb structure of carbon atoms.

… researchers also proved that they travel far faster than electrons in other semiconductors…the findings may “lead to new applications in carbon-based electronic and magneto-electronic devices,” though further research is needed.

Blogging in class for class…


My classroom blogging for the Global Impact of Communication Technology course I am taking at the School of Journalism has overtaken this personal blog. So you can visit it to read about what I am working on for the course. Cutting out the suspense- I am doing some studying on the impact of mobile phones on society especially in the developing world- how it is helping bridge the information divide.

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