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Sticky lizard / gecko feet !!


Arstechnica has an article here about how scientists first copied the lizard / gecko feet stickiness then improved on it.

BBC had earlier reported here that scientists had finally managed to figure out what really make lizards stick to walls…

So if you want to stick something to your non-stick cookware look no further than your friendly wall lizard / gecko.

$2 school in a box !


WRI‘s blog (Next Billion) has this post about Spark Group‘s bottom of the pyramid business approach to education.

I remember reading results from a recent survey (probably World Bank…i forget the exact details… ) which said that the families at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder show a preference for paid private schools over free state-funded schools. The teachers at government funded schools often don’t show up, in the private schools the parents are able to ensure at least the teachers come to teach. The parents are able to leverage their purchasing power of the service to get better accountability.

TED Talks | Bob Thurman on happiness


Bob Thurman‘s insightful talk on happiness…

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