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Caroline Casey – The Aisling Foundation


Global X interviewed Caroline Casey, the founding CEO of The Aisling Foundation in Ireland (“aisling” is Gaelic for dream and vision)

Caroline is an Ashoka Fellow and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. She was recently named an Eisenhower Fellow –which explains why she was in the U.S. for two months to meet other social entrepreneurs and expand her network.

Global X was mesmerized as Caroline told her personal story and how she was dealing with her own disability. Even though she is legally blind and can only see up to one meter, she managed to achieve, at age 34, the three dreams she had when she was a teenager: she was an elephant handler, she now works for herself, and she drove a race car at 185 km/h. As she puts it, “you don’t need eyes to have a vision!”

Global X loved what she said about disability: “It’s not about you!” Or about life: “We are all frightened, we all have obstacles, but we all have wonderful moments when we are heroes. We all have potential… It’s all about facing the demons and taking the risks.”

Her parting words as she was flying back to Europe: “It’s far better to be a dangerous dreamer than a day dreamer.”

Rahul Bartaky – Community Friendly Movement : global market for handmade products made by artisan communities


Global X interviews Rahul Barkataky, founder of the Community Friendly Movement in New Delhi.

CFM creates a global market for handmade products made by artisan communities, thus creating employment opportunities for those who are dependent on handicrafts for their livelihood.

Rahul Barkataky describes a project they launched in Gujarat, an area that was devastated by earthquake in 2001. CFM was able to provide US$10,000 to a group of 375 women –a very significant impact.

Much more remains to be done, but Rahul Barkataky is optimistic: “Poverty may not be completely eradicated ten years from now, but there will be more positive stories with real impact. It will be a better place than now.”

Elizabeth Hausler – Build Change : earthquake-resistant houses in developing countries


Elizabeth Hausler explains to Global X that she was finishing her Ph.D. in engineering at Berkeley when an earthquake hit India and killed 20,000 people. That’s when she realized that “it’s not the earthquake that kills people, it’s the building collapsing.”

She looked for a solution and launched Build Change to build earthquake-resistant houses in developing countries and change construction practices permanently so that homeowners in seismically active developing countries can sleep at night.

God is a DJ !


This is an amazing video by Faithless.

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