Change of guards and a return to the old


Lee Kwan Yew the architect of modern Singapore announced his retirement after holding top positions since 1959.

The longest lived democratically elected Communist government lost elections after 34 years of being in power in West Bengal, India.

The legacy of these long lived popularly elected governments could not be more different ! West Bengal went from one of the most progressive and economically strong states in India to one of the worst performing states in spite of being blessed with enormous natural & human resources. Singapore on the other hand went from being a tiny island nation with no resources and a difficult initial history to one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

One of the best music bands of all time (I spent countless hours listening) Pink Floyd reunites after ages !

Add in all the revolutions in mid-East and North Africa and 2011 is shaping up to be an interesting year :)

Steve Woz on our closed source education system


A very succinct message from Steve Woz on how our education system(s) kills creativity in its quest for a one size fits all approach to education…

This is so true all over the world… the waste of human potential is the greatest waste

Via EEtimes and DangerousPrototypes

How do some kids go to school? Remarkable and humbling story of human endurance and the will to get an education


If you live in the Zanskar valley, India it is a 5 day walk along one of the highest rivers, through some of the highest mountains, some of the coldest places on Earth.


Just saw this heart-stopping trip in ‘Human Planet’ on TV.

Human Planet- Zanskar River by BBCfanable


This is the first someone has successfully filmed the journey that families have to undertake every year.

More here:

This one is a must read !

Going to school in Ladakh, India

Going to school in Ladakh, India

On a side note I learned that ice sheets on frozen rivers / lakes is called ‘chaddar’ in Zanskari. In Hindi ‘chaddar’ means ‘sheet’ more like bedspread never knew that it also means ice sheet

Participatory Budgeting Is Music To Medellin’s Poor


The economic value of nature


Governments are finally waking up to the economic value of nature… but is it too late?
Check out this BBC article titled India and Brazil head move to ‘green’ economic future . Dr. David Suzuki has spoken about this extensively earlier

Leave it as it is…


Leave it as it is. You cannot improve it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it….

President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt commenting on seeing the Grand Canyon

Read more about the US National Parks and President Teddy Roosevelt at and

India vs. USA: A visual comparison

0 (now owned by Intuit) has put an interesting set of easy to understand visual comparisons of India vs. USA. Here are the charts / graphs

TED goes to India


Just found out that TED is organizing a TED India conference (November 4-7, 2009) in Mysore at the Infosys campus. Check it out here

TED | Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable


Turn any water into drinking water… $20 billion can provide safe drinking water for the entire world… this would an ideal stimulus plan…. healthier people can improve their own lives and contribute to their and society’s development

Happy Birthday! The Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Car is 100 Years Old


Treehugger has a great article on the hybrid car technology turning 100. Actually about a 100 years ago there were more electric or hybrid cars than pure gasoline / petrol driven cars.

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